Best Practice, Legislation, and Policy Support

  • Guidance on interpreting environmental legislation as they apply to your activities, from local to international policy, and best practice operation for your sector.

Bespoke In-house Training

  • Tailored to our audience, on a range of topics at both technical and strategic levels, from Project Management seminars to construction site toolbox talks on environmental compliance.

Carbon Footprinting and Life Cycle Analysis

  • Calculating the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of your activities or product from cradle to grave (or cradle to cradle!), and helping you make improvements to reduce these. | Read more: Sustainable Direction – Carbon Footprinting (PDF)

Corporate Strategy and Responsibility

  • Implementing effective corporate responsibility and business resilience programmes by engaging with your company’s strategic goals and partnering with your stakeholders to enable effective management of the environmental, economic and social dimensions to your business.

Environment and Quality Management

  • Assistance implementing a range of management systems and auditing compliance to legislative and other obligations. Identification of significant environmental aspects and impacts through site inspection. | Read more

Sustainability Reporting

  • Presenting your sustainability journey in a digestible and engaging format, either for an internal or public audience.  We can report to internationally recognised metrics, or metrics devised specifically with you to suit your requirements.

Waste Management Support

  • Guidance on appropriate management of waste, for those in and out of the waste sector. Our capabilities range from definition of waste and applying regulatory requirements, to compliance auditing and implementing management systems, to diversion of waste for reuse and recovery. | Read more: Sustainable Direction – Waste (PDF)




  • Energy auditing and efficiency recommendations for existing sites, energy management systems to ISO 50001 standard and ESOS audits. Onsite energy generation projects, with support from initial feasibility through financing to commissioning.


  • Process optimisation consulting and technical expertise delivering wastewater collection, treatment and disposal/reuse projects. Focus on reduced resource consumption, regulatory compliance and return on investment.

We have special expertise in the Food and Drink Sector, where we help clients with everything from waste minimisation and pollution prevention to environmental permitting and legal compliance, to energy supply systems. | Read more: Sustainable Direction – Food & Drink (PDF)



Construction Oversight and Support Services

  • Assisting the construction industry with compliance with environmental legislation, discharging conditions and interpreting permits.

Environmental Permitting

  • Assistance on all aspects of the process, from advising where your operations fit within the environmental permitting regulations to guidance on how to implement the conditions of your permit.  Co-ordinating the preparation of new or varied permit applications, manage and lead liaison with the regulator, and interpret the requirements for your supply chain.

Planning Applications and Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments across a broad range of sectors and countries.  Compiling documentation for planning applications, guidance on discharge of planning conditions, with particularly extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

Project Management and PM Training

  • Bespoke in-house project management training and consultancy on specific project management issues.  Development of project management programmes unique to your operations and culture, helping you to streamline your work and deliver returns.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

  • Assessing which renewable energy opportunity is the right one for your organisation and site(s) and setting out options for how to fund, design, build, operate and manage. We can provide a full turnkey solution. This is for organisations wanting to engage with the low carbon agenda or wanting security of supply.

Technical Due Diligence

  • Assessing the financial viability and sustainability of your investment. Determining which technology option fits your situation, goals and needs, and helping you get to implementation.

Read more: Sustainable Direction – Project Delivery (PDF)





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